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New Rummy Game - Rummy500

Rummy500 as Requested by You!

We don’t rest on our laurels and so we’ve a number of new rummy games and tournament news that’s sure to whet your appetite for playing rummy online.

First up, and by very popular demand, there’s a new version of rummy available for you to play! It’s Rummy500, possible one of the most popular ‘at home’ games of rummy available. It wasn’t on the list for development until so many players requested it, so it’s here and we think it’s one of the most fun variations of rummy available.

New Tournaments and Schedule

There’s also a new updated tournament schedule for you. We’ve now even more Rummy Freerolls and Guaranteed cash tournaments for our rummy players to take part in.

- Twice a day there’s a $10 freeroll at 3am and 3pm GMT (open for all fun players.)

- Depositing players can take part in a $25 freeroll at 1pm daily.

- Mondays and Wednesdays at 7:30pm there’s our popular $500 Guaranteed Cash tournament with a buy-in of only $3.25.

- Tuesdays we’ve a $1000 Guaranteed cash tournament running from 7:30pm. It’s $7 to buy-in to this rummy tournament.

- Every Thursday at 7pm there’s a $250 Freeroll.

- The Lucky Dollar Tournament runs every Sunday at 7:30pm. It’s a $750 Guaranteed cash tournament that only costs $1 to take part. Now that’s value for money!

A rummy tournament for every Rummy player, every day!

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