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Okey or Turkish Rummy - New Rummy Game

Learn to Play Okey, Otherwise Known as Turkish Rummy

We've another new Rummy variant for you now play and it's just been added to the software. It's called Okey and is otherwise known as Turkish Rummy.

As you've probably worked out, Okey or Turkish Rummy is very popular in Turkey and Eastern Europe. It's also played around the World by groups who originated in Turkey making it a very popular Rummy game that's attracting quite a bit of attention with our players.

As with all the most popular rummy games added, there's an interactive tutorial to go along with the new release which allows to to learn Okay or Turkish Rummy.

The tutorial demonstrates the rules and how to play the game by walking you through the various stages of the game from start to finish. Even if you've never come across the Turkish Rummy game, by following the instructions, which are laid out in an easy to follow format, you'll be playing in no time at all.

The player who wins is the first to lay down their tiles in melds of sets, runs or 7 pairs with the last tile being thrown away into the discard pile.

If you're still having trouble with the basic rules of the Rummy series of games, a set consists of 3 or more tiles of the same rank. For example, 777 or 3333.

A run has 3 or more consecutive tiles of the same suit, example, 345 hearts.

We think you'll like Turkish Rummy so check out the Okay or Turkish Rummy tutorial and learn how to play.

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