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How to Play Kalooki 40

Kalooki 40, or Kaluki 40 as it's often known, is another popular variant of Rummy that can be played online. Kalooki games are very popular in the UK where dedicated Kalooki Clubs have been formed, much along the lines of bingo halls.

Learning how to play Kalooki 40 has just been made even easier with this unique interactive tutorial that quickly teaches you how to play Kalooki 40, the basics of the game and how to get started playing effectively. We find that new players are best to run through this how to play Kalooki 40 tutorial before downloading and playing live online.

As with every online rummy game we discuss or recommend, if you want to play for free that's fine, but if you want to play Kalooki 40 for real money then it's best to go through the how to play Kalooki guide first and then play a few games for free until you're comfortable with the workings of the game before playing.

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